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Catch Report 7th February 2016

The weeks reported catches are below:

Carp Lake: Neil Conway caught commons of 22lb and 12lbs on chods. Danny caught a 23lb mirror. An angler caught a 24lb5oz common and mirrors of 19lbs and 12lb on cell with banoffee corn. Josh Mabbitt caught a 19lb4oz common on a hinged stiff rig with a white pop-up. Aaron Caffrey caught mirrors of 27lb and 26lb and an 18lb8oz common.  The semi final of the uk carp cup was held here over the weekend, the winner Jamie Londors caught 4 carp for 80lbs10oz, including the black eye common at 29lb6oz. Tony Parsons caught a 24lb 10oz common using a tigernut flavoured boilie. Roy caught a 20lb common using maggot and sweetcorn. 

Baliffs tip: The carp are still quite active and are still feeding. Location is important but once located applying bait can produce, good baits at this time of year include fruit and Cell flavoured boilies and maggots (though beware the perch!). As the temperature drops and the fish shoal up zigs are a very effective method on the carp lake, location is key for this kind of fishing, finding not only the area the carp are but also the depth in the water. The island has been producing very well. 

Damsel Lake: Rick Goss caught carp of 15lb8oz and 11lbs. Luke Taylor caught carp of 14lb8oz and 6lbs. Mirror of 20lb6oz caught by Warren and a common of 20lb to Richie. Two anglers targeting the Carp caught four Carp between them up to 16lb 8oz,whilst another angler had an enjoyable day float fishing with maggots catching Trout and Roach. 

Baliffs Tip: With the recent stocking of Rainbow Trout into the Damsel Lake it is well worth targetting them as unlike the other fish they will feed well in the cold winter temperatures. If targetting on the fly it is worth trying lure patterns such as cats whiskers, fishing for the Trout with bait can also be very productive with maggots and sweetcorn being the best baits to try. When fishing for the Carp try fishing zig rigs, maggot rings and focus on the margins. 

Blunham Lake: The Blunham lake saw the annual Christmas open match yesterday. The conditions were tough due to strong winds and a cold start to the day but the anglers fished on and the winner was Budge. The next open match will be held on the 16th January on the  Damsel Lake. 

Baliffs tip: The best baits to try are maggots, corn, worms and meat. Fishing with either a float in the margins or a feeder in the margins or cast out into open water are the best methods at the moment. 

Booneys lake: Rob Brace and Rob Western fish Booneys lake and had 9 takes, landed 8 fish from 12lb to 32lb 6oz including three 20's of 20lb, 24lb and 27lb 8oz. All fish where caught on CC moore wafters or sticky baits pop-ups.Darren Mullins caught 7 carp to 25lb5oz on spicey shrimp boilies. Rob caught a 20lb mirror on a pink krill pop-up. Anglers are now starting to Pike fish the lake with a few jack Pike being caught so far, once the cooler weather comes the fishing should pick up and the bigger pike will begin to feed.

There was a 14lb pike caught using a kebab rig by David Burnham, using this method the baits will draw the pike in with all the scent being released.     

Baliffs tip: When targeting the Pike this time of year make sure you stay mobile in order to locate the fish. Try lure fishing or wobbled dead baits or if deadbaiting try to use an oily hookbait such as herring, bluey or mackerel to draw the pike in. Also please ensure that your are confident with handling the Pike before targetting them and that you have the correct unhooking equipment (long nose forceps, padded unhooking mat, large net and side cutters). Although a top apex predator, the Pike are still very delicate when out of the water. For the Carp try fishing zig rigs and solid bags with bright pop ups as hook baits. 

Winters Lake: Winters lake has been fishing fairly hard at the minute, but there has been a few fish reported that have been of a decent size. 

Baliffs tip:

Cast to showing fish and try solid bags with small bright pop ups, zigs are also well worth a go and  try not to put too much bait in. 

Match Canal: The fishing has been fairly quiet on the Match Canal with a few Carp and Bream being caught. 

Baliffs tip: Try fishing close in to the margins with either corn or meat for the Carp or fish with maggots for a mixed bag of fish. 

Becks Lake: Over the weekend Becks has been fishing fairly hard, but anglers have still managed Carp to 20 lb. 

Baliffs tip: Try fishing to the island on Becks with a small pva bag ful of free offerings or out in open water with zig rigs and remember dont ignore the margins! 


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