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Catch Report 26th May 2015


 The weeks reported catches are below:




Carp lake: Dick Vale caught 4 carp to 22lb4oz on milky toffee pop-ups and fake corn. Martin Cox caught 3 carp to 18lb2oz on pineapple and banana boilies. Lance Bantick caught 7 carp to 19lb8oz fishing with solid bags. Darren Brigginshaw caught 4 carp to 26lbs onspicy squid pop-ups. Ryan Worley caught 6 carp to 22lb9oz on pink pop-ups. Paul Follows caught 7 carp to 21lbs on a coconut crunch pop-up on a chod. Mr Maksimovic caught 3 20lb+ carp to 24lbs on white pop-ups. Darren collins caught mirrors of 18lb, and 15lbs on bloodworm boilies. Jim Cowling caught a 23lb common on sticky baits krill boilies. Paul Harnwell caught commons of 21lb6oz and 18lb8oz on boilies. 

Booneys Lake: Callum Knight caught mirrors of 31lb8oz and 20lbs on pineapple pop-ups. John Reeves caught 7 carp to 29lbs and a 7lb tench on cell boilies. Sam Yaffee caught commons of 26lb4oz and 23lb8oz on a pink pop-up. Alan Andrews caught 3 20's to 27lb on cell boilies. Ernie Andrews  caught a 22lb common on cell boilies. Mark Gentle caught 3- 20lb+ carp to 22lb12oz on homemade boilies. Dave Marriott caught 4 carp to 28lb2oz on mainline baits hybrid boilies. Andy Baker caught a 27lb8oz common on krill boilies. Alan Andrews set the new lake record with a mirror of 31lb8oz, and also caught a 24lb8oz common on cell boilies. Mark Gentle caught 8 carp to 30lb12oz on boilies. 

The Match Canal: Weds 15th the over 60's fished the whole canal the result was 1st Malcolm Theakeston 101lb, 2nd Vic Jackson 77lbs, 3rd Harley Smith 44lbs. The first match in the spring series was fished on Saturday with 21 anglers taking part, the result was 1st Paul Raymond 84lb8oz, 2nd Bob Walker 69lb12oz, 3rd Bob Wiffin 59lb12oz. Mick Truslove tore the canal apart during the week catching 64 carp fishing with pellets in the margins. Queens works AC fished against How end blue in a round of the Angling Times Super cup, the result was: 1st Phil Stone 48lb11oz, 2nd Mark "SPLASHER" Wells, 3rd Peter Henegan 27lb4oz, How end blue won the match and progress to the next round.  John Patmore caught 13 carp to 12lbs, one bream and a tench on maggots. Stevenage bus AC held a match here on wednesday the result was: 1st C Price 70lb14oz, 2nd M Gibbert 53lbs, 3rd C Levy 24lb8oz. 

Becks Lake: John Butcher caught bream of 11lb11oz and 10lb12oz, and a 7lb7oz tench and 4 carp to 12lbs. Peter Hares caught 3 carp to 18lb2oz on strawberry boilies. Graham Oldfield caught 7 carp to 21lbs on cell wafters. Ethan Dingley caught 3 commons to 15lbs on peaches and cream boilies. Mark and Doug caught 8 bream to 8lbs, 3 tench to 4lbs a 14lb mirror and 12lb common. Dave Cox caught 4 carp to 16lb on sweet corn. Ben Pack caught 6 carp to 18lbs on sweet corn. Michael Hartless caught a 19lb common on cell boilies. Colin player caught 5 carp to 16lb on cell boilies. Sam Harris caught 3 doubles to 18lbs on banoffee boilies. Spencer caught 2 commons to 23lb on tutti fruiti boilies. Bryan Ledbury caught a 20lb common and 10lb bream on boilies. Daniel caught 3 carp to 16lb8oz and 2 bream to 9lb8oz on pineapple boilies. Lee Jeffries caught 4 carp to 15lbs on cell boilies. Steve Duroe caught 2 carp to 16lbs on fake pink pop-up sweet corn. 

Winters Lake: Callum Sharp caught 7 carp to 28lb11oz on pop-ups. Paul Weston caught 4 carp to 33lb9oz on vortex boilies. Jordan Pashley caught a 27lb2oz common on pop-ups. Sam Burden caught 3 carp to  28lb14oz on cell boilies. Matt Earl caught 4 carp to 29lb8oz on sweet corn. Brad Hollidge caught 3 carp to  28lb2oz common on pop-ups. Tony Goddard caught 3 doubles to 18 lb on boilies. Chad caught 3 carp to 27lb4oz on code red boilies.Jason Quince caught a 27lb mirror on sweet corn. Chris Hayward caught a 17lb common on a pop-up. Craig caught two 29lb commons and a 30lb common on a chod rig. Ben caught  a 26lb common on a pink pop-up. Alex Bransby caught a 30lb mirror on nutex boilies.

Blunham lake:  The second match in the spring open series was fished here Sunday, weight on the day were dominated by pellet wagglr caught carp the result was: 1st Del Waite 72lb, 2nd Darren Tait 56lb8oz, 3rd Paul Kyle 43lb8oz. Rylee Scott caught 5 carp to 10lbs and 3 bream. Paul Thistleton caught a 12lb common on a floater. John Bell caught 2 commons to 9lbs on pellets. An 11 lb common carp has been caught  today on a sweetcorn flavor soft hooker pellet.Neil French caught carp of 11lb and 8lbs, and a 5lb bream fishing with sweet corn and meat. 

Damsel lake: Brian Morgan caught 4 carp to 16lbs on a snowman rig. Ben Gibson caught a 12lb grass carp and 5 double figure carp on pink pop-ups. Jack Gabbitas caught 6 carp to 17lbs on pop-ups. Alex Morris caught 4 carp to 17lbs on peaches and cream boilies. Martin Hamilton caught 3 carp to 14lb on a Korda I.B. boilie. Tom Pratt and Jordan Brown caught 7 carp to 20lbs on krill boilies. Tara caught 5 carp to 20lb on halibut pellets. Martin cull caught 10 carp to 14lb on white krill pop-ups. Ian Bartram caught a 19lb common on luncheon meat, and 2 mirrors to 19lb2oz on mainline baits Banoffee boilies. Glen Robson caught 3 carp to 15lbs on cell wafters. Ashley Thompson caught 2 commons to 15lb on rosehip boilies.

Please feel free to send us pictures of your latest catches from Manor Farm.



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