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 This 31lb common was landed on the Carp Lake on 18 May 2014 by Jordan Smith


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31lb Jordan Smith 18 May 2014



Summary of recent catches 5 Nov:
Damsel Lake: 35 bream averaging 6lb to Mick Trusslove on red boilie.
Canal: 5 carp and 1 bream on double red maggot to Michael Winword.
Becks: 14 carp between 6.5lb to 14lb on popped up maggot with rubber corn to Trevor Francis; 13lb common to Dean Jarvis again on maggot

Summary of Recent Catches: 20th October 2014

Damsel:  Dick Vale caught 3 carp to 12lb8oz on a garlic pop-up. Will Jones caught 3 commons to 12lbs on pellets. Darren Pinnock caught carp of 16lb8oz and 11lbs on monster squid boilies. Richard Watson caught 4 carp to 15lb14oz on cell boilies. Keith Collins caught a 16lb mirror on a mainline baits fusion boilie. Eddy Delderfield caught 3 carp to 12lbs on robin red pellets. Richard Saunders caught commons of 11lbs and 14lb8oz on CSL pellets. John Corlett caught 3 carp to 11lb1oz on cell boilies. Paddy and Wallie Mcneil caught 12 carp between them to 14lbs on KG1 boilies. Julius Singer caught 4 carp to 15lbs on cell boilies. James Kennet caught 2 carp to 14lbs on tutti fruiti boilies. Martin Eke caught carp of 15lbs and 9 lbs on the feeder. 

Blunham:  The first match of our winter open series was held on Saturday , the result was : 1st Brian Jameson 41lb, 2nd Harley Smith 17lbs, 3rd Simon Patmore 10lb. The next match will be on Saturday 1st November on the match canal, call the shop on 01767 317835 for details and booking. Dave west caught 3 carp to 12lbs on pellets. Simon Smedley caught carp of 9 and 10lbs on maggots. Alan West caught carp of 11 and 8lbs on pellets. John Lowdell caught 3 carp to 8lbs on meat. Jason Pates caught caught a 12lb mirror and 10lb common on sweet corn. Rory Timmins caught an 11lb common on chick peas. Mr Birchenall caught carp of 9lb8oz and 8lb8oz on luncheon meat. Terry Smith caught 3 carp to 10lbs on luncheon meat. Andrew Mose caught 2 carp of 9lbs each on sweet corn. Reilly Scott caught 6 carp to 15lb on sweet corn. Tony Wright caught carp of 11 and 12lbs on sweet corn. David King caught 3 commons to 16lb9oz on krill pellets. Mick James caught 3 carp to 6lbs, and 5 bream to 6lbs on free lined luncheon meat. Dan Lloyd caught 3 carp to 14lbs on krill pellets. 

Becks: Rick Pozzilli caught commons of 20lbs and 12lbs on boilies. Daryll Chell caught 3 commons to 16lbs on cell boilies. Garry Hewes caught 8 carp between 14 and 19lbs on a snowman rig. Terry Steel caught 3 carp to 16lb2oz on sticky baits krill boilies. Dailey Stiles caught 10 carp to 20lbs on cell boilies. John Brooks caught a 20lb common on a mainline baits hybrid boilie. Mick Brooks caught a 14lb mirror and 12lb common carp on cell boilies. Adam Heathe caught 4 carp to 16lbs on mainline baits cell boilies. Jim Collins caught a 25lb common on cell boilies. Trevor Francis caught 9 carp between 10 and 16lbs on pellets. Christy Burk caught 3 carp to 14lbs on cell boilies. Barry James caught a 15lb mirror on pellets. Kyle Gower caught 3 carp to 13lbs on pellets. Nathan Haslem caught carp of 11lbs and 16lbs on mainline cell boilies.  

Booneys: Andy Baker caught 8 carp to 24lbs on an unknown bait. -Alan Peck caught a lake record common of 29lb8oz on a bait craft boilie tipped with fake sweet corn. Mike Oxlong caught 3 carp to 21lb8oz on monster squid boilies. Mark Gentle caught 4 carp to 21lb14oz on monster squid boilies. Lance Bantik caught a 22lb6oz common on sweet corn. Scott Walker caught a 23lb8oz common on mainline cell boilies. Chris Hayward caught a 7lb tench on sweet corn. Sean Cramp caught a 15lb common on essential I.B. boilies. Jane Plumber caught a 17lb common on a Mainline baits Hybrid wafter. Shane Karrot caught a 19lb4oz common on a Sticky baits boilie.-Andy Baker caught a 6lb tench and 4 carp to 27lb 9oz Mathew Green caught 3 carp to 21lb2oz on mainline baits Hybrid boilies. Mark Gentle caught commons of 17 and 18lbs on monster squid boilies. 

 Match Canal: Queens Works A.C. held their 9th summer-league match on Sunday, 1st Mick 'Lucky' Lapworth pole-fished the margins on peg 15 and had some big carp in his winning weight of 57lbs 5oz, 2nd Paul Stokes on peg 20 with 12 carp for 51lbs 13oz 8dm and Richard Newman was third with 8 carp and a bream for 46lbs 6oz on peg 13. Neil Hutchins caught 12 carp to 7lbs on meat. John Patmore caught 9 carp and a bream on spam. Robert Samual caught 15 carp to 8lbs on meat Simon Trosser caught carp of 7 and 8lbs. The final of the summer series of opens was held on Saturday with Darren Tait winning the series, Alan Laney 2nd, and Colin Carpenter 3rd, the match result was 1st Alan Laney 98lb5oz, 2nd Darren Tait with 94lb13oz, and 3rd Colin Carpenter 56lb11oz. Winter opens will start on Saturday 18th October, with the first match being held on Blunham lake contact the tackle shop on 01767 317835 for information and booking. Robert Samood caught 6 carp to 8lbs on sweet corn. Garry Wakeling caught a 12lb mirror and 8lb common on meat. Mr Furr caught 6 carp and 2 tench on mussels. Brian Gibson caught 6 carp up to 7lbs on luncheon meat. Morris Smith caught 2 carp and 3 bream on corn, and spam. 

 Carp: Ryan Murphy caught a 24lb mirror on a Vortex krill pop-up fished in a solid pva bag. Josh Mabbitt caught a 16lb8oz common on a pop-up fished in a solid pva bag. Steve French caught a 19lb mirror on cell boilies. Richie Moore caught a 15lb common on tutti fruitti boilies.- John Wells caught carp of 29lb8oz and 17lbs on mainline baits hybrid boilies. James Gentle caught 6 carp to 19lb on sweet corn. Mark Gentle caught 9 carp to 24lbs on cell. Mr Marritt caught two carp of 20lbs each on a sticky baits pop-up. Aaron Seaman caught a 23lb2oz mirror and 8lb tench on an unknown bait. Sean Rainford caught a 10lb common and 14lb mirror on a sticky baits dumbell wafter.  Dan Morris caught a 16lb common on a homemade boilie. Lee Murray caught a 19lb fully scaled mirror on a mainline essential I.B. pop-up. Peter Fletcher caught 5 carp to 28lb6oz on cell boilies. Ben Howe caught 4 carp to 22lbs on cell boilies. Oliver Bertrum caught 5 carp to 19lb8oz on cell boilies. Elliott Bertram caught 3 carp to 20lbs on cell boilies.

 Winters: Steve Easton caught a 32lb common and 15lb common, on cell boilies. Aston Stanbridge caught a 32lb mirror on cell boilies. -Craig Campbell caught 4 carp to 18lbs on cell boilies. Gus Bliss caught a 31lb8oz common and 26lb8oz mirror on cell boilies. Dan Clarke caught a 21lb8oz common and 18lb mirror on mainline baits peaches and cream boilies. Jamie Toms caught 2 carp of 20lbs each on sticky baits krill boilies. Ben Kitching caught carp of 29lb12oz, and 20lb on sweet corn. Shaun Gadsden caught a 30lb common on home made boilies. Paul Harnwell caught commons of 27lb8oz and 17lbs on cell boilies. Brian Harman caught 2 carp to 22lbs on cell boilies. Andy Uhl caught a 16lb10oz common on a hybrid dumbell. James Wagstaff caught 6 carp upto 24lb8oz on dumbell pop-ups. Jordan Pashley caught 7 carp to 23lbs on sweet corn. Mathew Earl caught 5 carp to 27lb10oz on sweet corn. 


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