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 This 31lb common was landed on the Carp Lake on 18 May 2014 by Jordan Smith


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31lb Jordan Smith 18 May 2014



Summary of recent catches 5 Nov:
Damsel Lake: 35 bream averaging 6lb to Mick Trusslove on red boilie.
Canal: 5 carp and 1 bream on double red maggot to Michael Winword.
Becks: 14 carp between 6.5lb to 14lb on popped up maggot with rubber corn to Trevor Francis; 13lb common to Dean Jarvis again on maggot

Summary of Recent Catches: 28th July 2014

Damsel: Brad Hollidge caught 22 carp averaging 8lbs to 14lb on cell boilies and on a zig rig. Jordan Pashley caught 50 carp to 15lbs on a zig rig. Callum Sharp caught 26 carp to 12lbs on a zig rig. Ben Wilson caught 7 carp to 15lbs on white wafters. Trevor Francis caught 7 carp to 12lbs and a 3lb bream, on sonubaits spicey sausage pellets. Marek caught 30 carp to 16lbs on zigs. Mr Clampit caught 22 bream to 7lbs on banded pellets. Dan Morris caught 6 carp to 14lb8oz and an orange koi. Kevin Bream caught 4 carp to 15lbs on sweet corn. Darren White caught 7 fish to 15lb on a Denham bait. Andy Burr caught 6 carp to 14lb, and Gavin Burr caught 12 carp to 14lb from the margin on Red Enzyme boilies. 

Blunham:  Brian Hammond caught 11 carp off the surface on dog biscuits. Ian Davies Caught 4 tench and a bream on luncheon meat. Richard Vale caught 33 carp to 14lbs floater fishing. Brook Perrin caught a PB common of 13lbs on pole fished meat, during an evening coaching session. Mr Bruskey caught 6 bream, 2 carp and a tench on luncheon meat. Brian Morgan caught carp of 10lb, and 6lbs on source pellets. Alan Jefcotes caught commons of 11lb, and 7lbs on sweet corn. Richard Vale caught 18 carp on surface baits. Craig Andrews caught 4 tench to 4lb8oz, and 4 carp on source pellets. Stuart Raby caught 3 carp to 11lbs on sweet corn. Russ Farr caught 3 carp to 12lb on crab pellets. John Burdell caught 2 carp of 6 and 8lbs on luncheon meat. 

Becks: Kieth Newton caught 7 carp to 20lbs on zig rigs. Ryan Fairclough caught 4 carp to 15lbs on Vortex baits. Glen Chapman caught 5 carp to 14lb8oz on cell boilies fished tight to the island. Pete Creasey caught 3 commons to 17lb and a 3lb tench on a supreme cream pop-up. Dean Hamilton caught 7 carp to 18lbs on Mainline baits 10mm boilies. Peter Hares caught a 19lb common on cell boilies. Harry Swan caught two commons of 10lb each on cell boilies Jose Smith caught 4 commons to 16lb on pellets. Paul Shadbolt caught 10 commons to 17lb on Company 24-7 peach boilies. Paul Sinclair caught commons of 22lb and 16lb, and a 10lb mirror on meat. Mr Clampit caught 6 bream to 5lb and a 6lb tench on banded pellets.  

Booneys: Steve Moody caught a 14lb mirror on cell boilies. Stuart Jones caught a 23lb mirror on a Mainline baits hybrid boilie. Craig Armstrong caught a 25lb9oz common on a Mainline baits banoffee wafter soaked in goo. James Gentle caught 6 carp to 17lb on home made boilies. Kevin Cox caught a commons of  16lb on CC Moores Equinox boilies. Darren Gooch caught 3 carp to 22lb8oz on Mainline baits toffee boilies. Andy Baker caught 10 carp to 24lb3oz and 9 tench to 7lbs and a 3lb rudd.on Marukyu boilies. Lisa Sizer caught a 25lb common on Nash purple monster squid boilies. D Gruar caught 5 carp to 17lbs.  Steve Elves caught 10 carp to 26lbs and tench of 9lbs and 8lb6oz on Mainline baits cell pop-ups. Liam Bennett caught a 21lb common on a pop-up. 

 Match Canal: Brian Morgan caught 14 carp to 10lbs and a 4lb tench on pole fished pellets and paste. John Patmore caught between 170lb and 200lbs on sunday, most of his fish were caught using the Preston Innovations jigger float with 8mm pellets up in the water. PJA carpentry held their first match on Saturday the result was, 1st Wayne Richardson with 30lb10oz, 2nd Ross Hallybone with 26lb13oz and 3rd Andrew Cross 25lb10oz. Roger Cant caught 6 carp and 12 bream on paste. Mr Clampit caught 5 carp on banded pellets. Mr Beasley caught 7 carp and 3 tench on sweet corn. Will Draper caughtg 21 carp to 10lbs for an estimated 120lbs of the surface on bread crust. Ray Wood had an awsome afternoon/evening fishing peg 9, he caught 33 carp all in the margin on the pole with paste. Mr Boland caught 8 carp between 5 and 6lbs on luncheon meat. 

 Carp: Ian Welton caught commons of 12 and 15lbs on a zig. Keith Newton caught 3 carp to 24lb2oz off the surface on the beach caster. Ben Wakefield caught a 20lb common and a 15lb mirror on tutti ftuiti boilies. Lee Bunyan caught 5 carp to 12lb8oz on cell boilies. Carl Bunyan caught 7 carp to 18lb on cell boilies. Nicky Campbell caught 3 carp to 18lbs on cell boilies. Ben Wakefield caught a 14lb8oz common on a chocolate orange pop-up. Dean Ward caught a 30lb common . Warren caught a 30lb common on a Dynamite baits banana nut crunch bottom bait. teve Curtins caught 6 carp to 17lb on pop-ups. Chris Hobbs caught the black eye common at 30lb2oz. Ben Murray caught a cracking 21lb4oz mirror on Top baits pop-up over a small scattering of boilies.

Winters: Keith Newton caught 13 carp to 24lbs on fake corn fished in solid pva bags. Brendan Vanrooyen caught 2 carp to 24lb8oz on cell boilies. Morgan Bacon caught 3 carp to 20lb8oz on fake sweet corn.David Stead caught a 16lb common on a cell pop-up soaked in almond goo. Luke Waghorn caught commons of 24lb, and 20lbs on a snowman rig. Terry Holding caught a 22lb6oz common on Mainline bannoffee boilies. Chris Hayward caught commons of 25lb, 23lb, and 17lb on fake corn. Jamie Barber caught a 19lb common and a 17lb mirror on krill boilies. Terry Holding caught a 31lb6oz common on luncheon meat with krill groundbait. Gareth Baker caught a 12lb mirror and an 18lb common on CC Moores Equinox boilies. 


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