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Early morning on Damsel in January

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 This 23lb 4oz mirror was landed on the Carp Lake on 10 April 2014 by 12 year old Sid Newman of Stevenage


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23lb 4oz common Sid Newman 10 April 14

Update for 12th April 2014

A new lake record has been set on Booneys lake today. A 29lb common carp was caught on the back of the island using salted squid boilies.

Winters has been producing fish for most members of a group up to 26lb 8oz. The vast majority of these fish were caught using cell falvoured bait.

A few upper doubles have been caught in the Carp lake. The most notable catch of the day has been a 23lb 4oz common caught using a pale toffee falvoured pop up towards the A1 end of the lake.

Recent Update- for the weekend of 6th April 2014

Winters: has been producing some high quality fish on a variety of swims and baits. The largest carp this weekend was a 30lb common caught a rod length away from the island over a bed of equinox pellets. Other notable catches include a 28.2lb mirror from the A1 end using strawberry flavour mainline boilies. The remaining fish caught have been between 20-25lb and were mainly caught by being mobile. Baiting up small clear spots around the lake seems to be the best way to out smart these savvy carp.

Booneys: the realtively unknown lake is still throwing out surprises. An immaculate unknown 26lb common carp was caught over a shallow gravel bar after a tough days fishing. Caught using a white pop up about 2" off the bottom which was accompanied by a small PVA bag of pellets. A new lake record was set for tench. The monster was a whopping 8lb 5oz. A fish of this calibre would brighten anyone's weekend.

Carp: after a slow start to the weekend, Saturday night produced the goods. Plenty of upper doubles were caught from the margins with the biggest being 23lb9oz. The fish were seen crusing in the surface layers of the water which meant many anglers switched to zig rigs. This paid off with one season ticket holder landing 6 carp in an evening. Friday night saw the largest carp landed which could be the infamous 'Black Eye' weighing 28lb.

Becks: fishing to the island is doing the damage as is so often the case. It seems to be that the closer to the island you can safely achieve the better. Saying that, more and more carp have common from under fished margins as the weekend progressed. With regard to bait; sweetcorn, particle mix and cell pop ups are being used mostly by the successful anglers.

Damsel: a very successful weekends fishing from Sam Burden and his friends saw them land upwards of 50 fish in their session. Fish were caught using a variety of methods, however the most prolific was zig rigs with yellow or red foam. The bigger fish of the weekend, around 16lb, were all caught in the margins.

Blunham: predominantly fished by the Bundy party, Blunham produced a lot of fish. They were caught all across the lake on the bottom, zig rigs and float set ups. 

Summary of recent catches 5 Nov:
Damsel Lake: 35 bream averaging 6lb to Mick Trusslove on red boilie.
Canal: 5 carp and 1 bream on double red maggot to Michael Winword.
Becks: 14 carp between 6.5lb to 14lb on popped up maggot with rubber corn to Trevor Francis; 13lb common to Dean Jarvis again on maggot

Summary of Recent Catches, 12th April 2014

Damsel: Jamie Annis caught 10 carp up to 15lbs on amino cherry and china red boilies. Graham Everitt had an excellent session on the method feeder catching a PB 16lb mirror and another carp of 8lbs, as well as lots of trout and a bream. Gerry Lynch caught a 16lb2oz fully scaled mirror on a snowman rig using scopex squid boilies. A very successful weekends fishing from Sam Burden and his friends saw them land upwards of 50 fish in their session. Fish were caught using a variety of methods, however the most prolific was zig rigs with yellow or red foam. The bigger fish of the weekend, around 16lb, were all caught in the margins. Jordan Pashley caught commons of 11 and 8lbs on Northern specials. Neil Lynchcaught a 10lb8oz common on a pineapple pop-up. Nick M caught a 9lb mirror on a strawberry boilie. 

Blunham: Kev Gay caught a 7lb common on sweet corn. Jeff Groom caught 3 commons to 10lbs on pellets. Jordan Williams caught a 6lb common on pepperami. Dave Short caught a 7ln common on hallibut pellets. Steve Curry caught a 14lb common on 3 red maggots. Steve Newbury caught 2 bream and 10lbs or roach on maggots and casters. Dick Vale made the best of the good weather catching 11 carp to 9lbs off the surface on floaters and two other carp on other tactics. Dave Short caught commons of 5 and 6lbs and a 4lb8oz bream on robin red pellets. Richard caught roach up to 1lb using maggot. Daniel Lovett landed a 8lb common and a 8lb 8oz common, both on Halibut pellets tipped with corn on a method feeder. 

Becks: Martyn Bundock caught a 14lb7oz common  on a BSI boilie. Mr Hepburn caught commons of 19lb14oz, 12lb, andf 10lbs on strawberry boilies. Mr Francis caught 4 carp to 10lb4oz and 2 bream. Elvin Balaam caught 5 carp to 18lbs on boilies. Mr Roger Cant had a fantastic days fishing with 15 bream to 7lbs, 4 tench to 5lbs and 2 carp to 7lb. Mr Francis caught 9 carp to 12lb8oz fishing with pellets. Neil Hutchings caught 3 commons to 12lb2oz during a coaching session using solid pva bags. Clayton Emmanuel caught a 16lb common on a boilie. Olly Jenkinson caught a common of 12lb8oz. Gary Remy caught a 22lb common on a cell boilie. Matt caught commons of 8lb, 9lb, 12lb, and 14lb on sweetcorn. Sebastian Rhodes had a good day catching an 18lb common. Paulius Misevicius caught 3 carp to 14lbs on mainline spicey crab boilies. 

Booneys: Kevin Huntley set a new lake record with a carp of 29lb on Salted squid boilies.Chad Huntley caught another 2 twenties and a 14lb carp all caught on pop-ups. Andy Uhl caught a 24lb5oz common.  Mark Gentle caught 5 carp to 23lbs on boilies. Lee Morgan caught an 18lb mirror on dead maggots. Mark Gentle caught a 9lb carp and an elusive 8lb2oz tench on boilies. Kevin Huntley caught a 24lb common during a short day session on a yellow northern special pop-up. Laurie G caught a 20lb common during a day session. Mark Gentle caught 7 carp to 16lb. An angler caught 3 pike to 10lb using roach and lamprey. Craig Andrews caught a 16lb14oz pike on a dead bait. 4 carp landed this weekend including a 24lb 8oz and 17lb 8oz common. 

Match Canal: Brian Morgan caught 10 carp between 4 and 8lbs and a 2lb tench on the pole close in. Jim Smith caught 14 carp all over 5lbs on paste. Eddie Howard caught 4 carp a bream and a tench on paste. Don Furr caught 3 commons on muscles. Les Furr caught 10 carp, 1 bream and a tench fishing with bread. Harry Hedge caught 4 carp and 2 bream on krill pellets. John Patmore caught 10 carp to 8lbs and 6 bream to 5lbs and a tench, the successful bait used was sweet corn and paste. Harry Hedge caught 3 carp to 8lbs and a good bag of roach on 8mm krill pellets. Brian Morgan caught 9 commons to 8lbs and 2 mirrors to 8lbs and a 2lb8oz tench and a dozen roach on sweet corn and pellets.

Carp: Paul Buckeridge caught 3 commons between 14 and 16lbs on flouro pineapple pop-ups. Steve Easton caught carp of 21lbs, 20lb, 18lb and 16lbs on cell boilies.  Nicki Creswell and Michael Buckingham caught 7 carp between them to 17lbs on sweetcorn in the margins. Mr Cull caught 9 carp to 31lb. Mr Davidson caught carp of 16lb and 20lb using boilies. Sid Newman caught a 23lb4oz common on a tutti-frutti boilie, and a 4lb tench on fake corn. Rob Tait caught a 22lb common- bait unknown. Dougal Murphy caught a 17lb common on a boilie. Bradley Lovejoy caught a 14lb common. Geoff Reid caught commons of 28lbs and 18lb on fake corn fished in a solid pva bag. Dan Morris caught 15 carp between 15 and 23lbs on krill boilies. Anthony Barton caught 6 carp including commons of 24lb and two of 20lbs each on a crave boilie topped with a pink pop-up. Jay Norris caught a 25lbcommon and a 20lb mirror plus three other carp on banoffee boilies. Shaun Gadsden caught a 22lb mirror. Daryl Vardy caught a stunning fully scaled mirror of around 17lb fishing with particles and a northern special.Alex Cull caught 17 carp to 22lbs on cell boilies tipped with corn. 

Winters: David Baker caught carp of 21lb+, 21lb+ and 26lb+ using spicy pop-ups. Oli Jenkinson caught an 11lb 7oz common on a pineapple wafter. Damien Southall caught 4 fish topped by a 27lb common on a cell pop-up. Toby Chin caught commons of 25lb5oz and 16lb on a zig. Damien Southall caught commons of 27lbs and 18lbs, and a mirror of 21lbs on cell boilies. Keith Newton caught a 13lb common on a zig. Huey caught a 14lb common on a yellow dumbell. Edward caught 5 double figure carp to 25lbs. Jack caught a 12lb mirror on a pineapple bottom bait. Damien Southall caught a 28lb on a zig rig with yellow foam. Edward Kyte caught carp of 25lb4oz, 24lb, 17lb4oz, and 11lbs ob pop-ups. Mr Howman and his freinds caught 6 carp to 27lbs on cell boilies. 



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