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Catch Report 30th March 2015


The last few weeks have seen a definite increase in both catches and angler numbers, although catches are still generally slow, as you would expect for the time of year. Water temperature are still low. The weeks reported catches are below:



With the persistent warmer weather, the lakes are beginning to pick up.

Carp lake: Lloyd Chapman caught an 18lb5oz common and 13lb mirror on a pineapple wafter. Philip Grimshaw caught a 22lb mirror on fake corn. Adam Wardle caught 2 22lb commons on pink pop-ups. Andrew Barns caught a 22lb common on monster squid. Steve Partridge caught 3 commons to 24lb2oz. Luke Pepper caught a 16lb common on a pineapple pop-up. Scott Discton caught commons of 16 and 17lbs on cell boilies. Craig Perry caught a 21lb10oz common. Lance Bantick caught 5 commons to 16lbs and a 21lb7oz mirror Gary caught a common weighing 16 lb on live systems bait. Duncan Rudge caught 5 carp to 26lb on mad baits boilies.

The Match Canal:  Queens works AC fished against How end blue in a round of the Angling Times Super cup, the result was: 1st Phil Stone 48lb11oz, 2nd Mark "SPLASHER" Wells, 3rd Peter Henegan 27lb4oz, How end blue won the match and progress to the next round.  John Patmore caught 13 carp to 12lbs, one bream and a tench on maggots. Stevenage bus AC held a match here on wednesday the result was: 1st C Price 70lb14oz, 2nd M Gibbert 53lbs, 3rd C Levy 24lb8oz. 

 Becks Lake: Josh Mabbitt caught 8 carp to 18lbs on yellow zigs. Alex Costa caught a 14lb mirror and 10lb common on pop-ups. Ashton caught 3 carp to 12lbs on zigs and bottom baits. Chris Hayward caught 9 carp to 17lbs on zigs. Daniel Waite caught a 17lb common on a pineapple and banana pop-up. 15 lb common caught on a single hi- viz pop up, Peter caught commons of 19lb2oz, 17lb2oz and 15lb10oz on a snowman rig. Ricardo caught a 16lb common and 8lb bream on a peaches and cream boilie. 

winters Lake: Chris Hinsley caught a 29lb linear mirror on a cell boilie wrapped in paste. Mr Lobell caught a PB  27lb common on immitation maggots. today two large commons have been caught, an 18 lb common was caught by Scott Morris on maggots, and a 21 lb common was caught by Paul Sturdy on Cell boilie, also a 26lb mirror on a homemade boilie.

Blunham lake:  Paul Thistleton caught a 12lb common on a floater. John Bell caught 2 commons to 9lbs on pellets. An 11 lb common carp has been caught  today on a sweetcorn flavor soft hooker pellet.Neil French caught carp of 11lb and 8lbs, and a 5lb bream fishing with sweet corn and meat. 

Damsel lake:  James caught 4 carp to 10lbs on a snowman rig. Adam caught 2 commons to 13lbs on sweet corn pellets. Aaron caught a 15 lb common and a mirror of 10 lb on home made blood-worm boilies.Del, Alan and Terry caught 9 carp between them to 16 lb again on the blood-worm boilie.

Please feel free to send us pictures of your latest catches from Manor farm.


Match Canal Queens Works A.C. fished their final match of the season on The Match Canal at Manor Farm Sunday 8th March                    
Mick 'Lucky' Lapworth enjoyed his birthday as he won the match on peg 8,with 12 carp for 39lbs 8oz.
Phil Mann was runner-up with 20lbs 3oz and Steve Dunham third with 14lbs 11oz 8dm.
Steve Cooper won his section on peg 9 with 9lbs 2oz.That was good enough to clinch him the Club Championship,just ahead of runner-up Peter Henegan,who won the other section with 8lbs 10oz.
Cooper also won the Winter League title by pushing Ray Gaines into the runner-up spot,only one point behind with 3lbs 9oz on the day.
It was also the final of the Knock-out cup and guess who won it ?
Cooper completed the treble with victory against Henegan and Roy Glitz.
The Wooden Spoon was awarded to Vic Jackson for drawing his favourite peg 20 and only weighing-in with 11oz !

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