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 This 31lb common was landed on the Carp Lake on 18 May 2014 by Jordan Smith


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31lb Jordan Smith 18 May 2014



Summary of recent catches 5 Nov:
Damsel Lake: 35 bream averaging 6lb to Mick Trusslove on red boilie.
Canal: 5 carp and 1 bream on double red maggot to Michael Winword.
Becks: 14 carp between 6.5lb to 14lb on popped up maggot with rubber corn to Trevor Francis; 13lb common to Dean Jarvis again on maggot

Summary of Recent Catches: 22nd August 2014

Damsel: Mr Clampit caught 4 bream fishing with banded pellets. Ben Davies caught a 14lb8oz mirror and 12lb14oz common on cheesy garlic pellets. Dave Robson caught 5 bream and a carp on robin red pellets. Trevor Francis caught 4 carp to 10lbs and 4 bream on pellets. Craig Newman caught 8 carp to 10lbs on code red boilies. Matt Howard caught 8 carp to 16lb on a Mainline baits Hybrid boilie and sweet corn. Trevor Francis caught 5 carp to 12lbs on homemade boilies. Dave Robson caught 3 bream to 8lbs on robin red pellets. Don Coker caught carp of 13 and 10lbs on robin red pellets. Matt Howard caught 8 carp to 12lbs on hybrid boi;lies and sweet corn.  Chris Mears caught an 8lb common and two 4lb bream on an 8mm pop-up. Dave Pallister caught 18 carp to over 12lbs on boilies soaked in almond goo.  

Blunham:  Brian Hammond caught 5 carp to 12lb8oz on dog biscuit. George Fryers caught 3 carp to 6lbs on luncheon meat. Dennis caught 3 carp and 5 bream on fish meal pellets. Martin Smith caught 4 carp and a tench on robin red pellets and luncheon meat. Gary Fuller caught a 22lb mirror on a floating pellet. Devic Basten caught 5 carp to 8lbs and a bream on spicey sausage pellets. Marc Ambrose caught carp of 12 and 13lbs on halibut pellets in the margin. Dave Short caught a 14lb common on a blood worm pellet. Dave Lloyd caught 4 carp and 4 tench on krill pellets. Basil Moulding caught 6 carp to 16lbs and a tench on homemade boilies. Steve Adams caught carp of 11lbs and 7lb on sweet corn. Steve Birchenall caught 12 carp to 12lbs on dog biscuit. Ray Benford caught commons of 13lb, and 6lbs, and 2 tench on bread and luncheon meat. Ian Achison caught 3 carp to 11lbs on luncheon meat.

Becks: Steve mole caught 14 carp to 25lbs on a banoffee boilie tipped with corn. Craig Newman caught commons of 17 and 11lbs on code red boilies. Barry Judd caught a 15lb common on a stiky baits bloodworm boilie. Steve and Aaron caught 6 bream to 12lbs and 8 carp to 15lbs on banoffee boilies tipped with corn. Chris Jennings caught 6 fish to 19lb on maize hook baits. Bailly Gyles caught a 19lb2oz mirror on a peaches and cream boilie. Kevin Stevens caught 13 carp to 16lbs on mainline cell boilies. Ben Hays caught 4 commons to 18lb on Tutti fruitti boilies. Brian Eversden caught a 2foot long eel on a worm. Dean Smith caught 5 tench to 6lbs on a monster squid pop-up. Brian Cross caught 3 carp to 18lb2oz on luncheon meat. Kevin Cox caught carp of 18lb amnd 16lb on Mainline baits Essential.I.B boilies. Mick Tracey caught a 13lb mirror on a Red heron smoked salmon boilie. Graham Atkins caught a 14lb mirror on a zig. 

Booneys: Steve Walters caught a 24lb common on a coconut cream pop-up. James Gentle caught 6 carp to 26lb4oz on mainline cell boilies. Andy Baker caught a 15lb mirror and 12lb common on Marukyu boilies. Mark Gentle caught 6 carp to 26lbs on a homemade boilie. Chris Hayward caught commons of 19lb4oz and 14lbs on cell boilies. James Drury caught a 21lb common on a Masinline baits  Hybrid boilie. Mark Gentle caught 4 carp to 21lb on a cell boilie. Craig Watts caught commons of 9 and 11lbs on cell boilies. Kevin Huntley caught a 17lb common on a cell boilie. Steve Moody caught a 14lb mirror on cell boilies. Stuart Jones caught a 23lb mirror on a Mainline baits hybrid boilie. Craig Armstrong caught a 25lb9oz common on a Mainline baits banoffee wafter soaked in goo. James Gentle caught 6 carp to 17lb on home made boilies. Kevin Cox caught a commons of  16lb on CC Moores Equinox boilies. 

 Match Canal: Joel Dant caught 5 carp to 10lbs on prawns. Harry Hedge caught 5 carp on red luncheon meat. Mr Beasley caught 6 carp to 8lbs on luncheon meat. Darren Tait caught 6 carp to 8lbs on maggots. Kevin Cox caught 2 carp and 4 bream on luncheon meat, and 6 carp on floating baits. Barry Cantwell caught 7 carp and a bream on luncheon meat. Brian Morgan had a very good day with 23 carp to 10lbs and a 3lb tench, fishing a pole at 8 metres with 8 mm dynamite baits source pellets. Andy and Daniel Williams caught 5 carp and 2 bream between them.Keith Mitchell caught 4 carp on luncheon meat. Scott and Liam Hemsley had a good mixed bag with 4 tench, 5 bream , and lots of roach and perch on sweet corn and maggots.Ricky Wakeling caught 11 carp to 5lb on sweet corn. The Cain family held their annual match on the canal and caught 367lb between the four of them.  

 Carp: James Drury caught a 15lb common on fake corn. Michael Richards caught an 18lb common and 16lb mirror on fake maize. James Wagstaff caught 9 carp to 23lb6oz on mainline baits salty squid boilies. Mike Holmes caught a 23lb mirror on fake corn on a zig rig. Sam Precious caught 7 carp to 15lb8oz on munch baits entity boilies. Lewis Morton caught carp of 25lb and 10lb on mainline baits essential I.B. boilies. James Barnes caught an 18lb common on a white chocolate boilie. Steve Fryer caught a 15lb common on a snowman rig. Jamie Martin caught 3 carp to 15lbs on Northern specials pop-ups. Daniel Gullifer caught a 15lbcommon and 14lb mirror and a 6lb tench on a sticky baits krill boilie. Mike Holmes caught a 26lb4oz common on a zig rig. Brett Kubanski caught 11  carp to 28lb10oz on 18mm cell boilies. Jake Hewitson caught 7 carp to 22lbs on mainline cell boilies.

 Winters: Damien Southall caught carp of 21, 20, and 18lbs on cell boilies. Michael Buckingham caught 3 carp to 15lb fishing with solid pva bags. Paul Weston caught 4 commons to 23lbs on robin red pellets. Jason Quince caught a 20lb4oz and 15lb common on maize. Jon Tuck caught 9 carp to 23lbs on pop-ups and boilies. Paul Waters caught 5 carp to 28lbs on cell boilies. James Wagstaff caught 3 carp to 19lb on Dynamite baits Robin red pellets. Steve Thompson caught a 23lb6oz common on a maple boilie. Keith Nicholson caught a 27lb common and two commons of 11lbs each on marine baits brown crunch boilies. James Wagstaff caught 14 carp to 30lbs on robin red pellets fished in a solid pva bag. Ken Kitchen caught a 17lb common on Mainline baits salty squid boilies. 


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