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Catch Report 28th August 2015

The weeks reported catches are below:

Carp Lake: Martin Green caught 5 carp to 29lb 8oz on urban baits nutcracker. Paul Pilgrim was also using the nutcracker and caught a 15lb common. Paul JAmes caught 2 carp up to 17lb using a scopex squid pop-up on a chod rig. Stuart Newll was also usingn scopex squid and a chod rig and caught a 18lb mirror. Owen Neale used 10mm cell boilies and caught 2 carp to 18lb and a 6lb tench. BALIFFS TIP: A lot of fish are getting caught in the margins so try fishing very close in, the deeper water in the middle tends to be less productive in the warm weather.

Booneys Lake: Andy Baker caught 13 carp to 26lbs on sticky baits krill boilies. Justin caught commons of 24lb8oz and 12lb on pop-ups. Toby Chin caught 3 carp to 18lb4oz on boilies. Dorian caught 3 carp to 17lb8oz on a snowman rig and a chod rig with pineapple pop-ups. BALIFFS TIP: The large weedbeds on Booneys hold fish, fishing tight to the weed and into holes in the weed can be productive but make sure you have the right gear to cope with fishing in weed. Fishing over beds of particle can be very effective on the clean spots in the weed.

The Match Canal: The final day of the week long summer coaching coarse was held here on Friday  with lots of fish being caught by all the students, the most notable catch of the day was a 14lb+ common caught by Luke Chase on the pole after an exhausting 30 minute battle, well done Luke, and well done to all the students. The Cains and Allens annual family match was fished on the canal and for the eigth year running the Cains won again, the winnig weight went to Martin Cain with 106lb, with a consolation for Brenda Allen of having the biggest fish at 13lb8oz. BALIFFS TIP: Setting up a shallow pole rig and feeding little and often can be very producive in the warmer weather when fishing on the bottom is slow. The margins fish very well in the evenings.

Becks Lake: will caught 2 15lb carp, one using a boilie and one using a zig. Joseph Bargin caught a 16lbh common using a mainline high impact spicy crab bolie. An angler caught a 6lb 8ox common using pellet and sweetcorn. Pete and Rob caught 10 carp to 19lb 8oz using hybrid boilies and krill boilies. BALIFFS TIP: The shallow area at the A1 end of the lake around the reeds has been fishing well. Large catches can be achived without using huge quantity of bait - fishing tight to the island is a good way to fish in the warm weather.

Winters Lake: Mr Maksimovic caught a 22lb common on a pineapple pop-up. And angler caught 5 carp up to 15lb. Chris Hayward caught commons of 24lb 2oz, 24lb 12oz and 25lb 2oz using soild bags and pop-up hookbaits. Lance Bantick caught a 12lb common and a 18lb mirror using salty squid wafters. BALIFFS TIP: The fish on Winters tend to be quite nomadic and dont stay in one area for very long, casting to showing fish is very effective but with the recent weather and the tendacy of the fish to move away from angling pressure large beds of are not bringing many if any more bites than single hookbaits.

Blunham Lake: Dave caught a 7lb common using luncheon meat. Brian White caught 2 carp up to 12lb fishing in the margin using pellet and also on the surface using mixer. BALIFFS TIP: The margins on Blunham are very productive in the evening, keep baitng these areas through the day and fish elewhere untill later in the day when the tempreture starts to cool and the margin spots come into play.

Damsel Lake: Billy Wright caught 4 carp up to 16lb 8oz usig nash coconut cream boilies. Brian Morgan caught 4 carp to 15lb using a pineapple pop-up. Elliot caught 2 carp to 15lb using a cell dumbell and fake corn. Ryan caught a 13lb common and a bream using a mainline milky toffee pop-up. Rob caught 3 carp to 13lb using boilie. John caught 8 carp to 14lb using a bloodworm pop-up. Carl caught an 11lb carp on mainline essential IB. Lucas Swales aged 7 caught a pb bream of 7lb1oz, well done Lucas. BALIFFS TIP: Damsel can be a very good surface fishing lake, try soaking mixers in sunflower oil to flatten off the surface of the water and combat the ripple which can make surface fishing difficult. The margins produce a lot of carp on Damsel, so if you are struggling to locate fish look out for the large marginal features that hold carp.

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