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fished winters,awesome session had a cracking 32 lb 7 oz common, and a 29lb mirror,and a few upper doubels commons/mirrors,all fish taken on cell bollie spread out and then fished sticks and singal hook baits, 1st time fishing this venue as im usally on my syndi water in the nene valley,like to thank you guys at Manor for makeing quality carping open to day ticket anglers,will be back maybe in the winter to have another stab at getting the lake record lol thanks guys. ;)

By  Matthew jones on

Excellent fishery, 6 of us there, the staff were very accommodating to us and helped when needed. Caught 17 between us in 48 hrs largest being 13 pound common carp. Will definatwly make another trip

By  warren phillips on

Fished Blunham yesterday and had a great day after not fishing for too long - plenty of nice silvers and the five pound common just capped the day off - nearly dragged my daughter in when she hooked it! Great fishery - we will be back.

By  Gerry M on

fished here a few weeks ago caught 14 in all, it was a slow start but around 3:00pm til 6:00pm when i went was run after run, this was on becks lake biggest was only 6 lb, which i was shocked about but still a fun days fishing

By  steve on

Fished Blunham Saturday 26th June. Had mirrors of 6, 6 1/2, 8 and 9 1/2 plus an 8 pound common. Great days fishing, hair rigged pepperami under a tree about 8 inches deep. Have to say the 6 pounder was a proper little demon too!

By  Daniel Jacklin on

Fished Becks Lake on Friday / surface fishing with dog biscuit and caught 5 carp ranging from 8lb to 14lb, great days fishing

By  Paul on

fished the becks lake on thursday 15 april i had three and my brother had 9 biggest being 17lb 14oz.

By  luke on

Went out on carp lake 27/03/2010 first fishing trip this year waited a coupleof hours before moving my left hand rod in to the margin approx 4 meters away and within a minute had a screamer took about 10 mins to land. and to my excitement caught my pb 22 pound mirror.. well chuffed

By  wade michell on

Fished on the blunham on sunday, was a lovely day for fishing, there were carp jumping all day, i didnt catch anything until around 2 o'clock when i managed to get my first spring carp this year that was 6lb then i had a further 2 runs resulting in a 9lb mirror and also a 5lb mirror, will be back very soon :)

By  Ross Tierney on

Just returned from fishing on Becks today 20/03/10 and had a few runs and just before packing away landed a 15lb carp, another great day.

By  Paul on

Fished the carp lake on Saturday 20th Feb. Only had one run, but will be back soon to try my luck again. If anyone could get back to me about a good bait for the carp lake it would be greatly appreciatedQ!!!

By  Ed on

The 23rd saw clear water on the fly fishing lake, with 2 degrees. So fishing was very slow, with no fish showing. However my brother in law caught a 2 lb rainbow, but looked to have been in for some time, more luck than skill if you caught on this day. Lets hope the next visit produces a better head of trout.

By  Darren Pearson on

Just called in today to look at the lakes and tackle shop as seen an advert in iycf. i was very impressed with the lakes and made to feel welcome by the staff in the shop who answered all my questions and didn't make me feel uncomfortable as I'm a newbie to fishing.

By  Nigel Kelly on

Went on carp lake few weeks ago fishing the float using maggots and sweetcorn as hookbait and was feeding maggots, pellets and hemp , started off catching small perch but ended up catchin a 2.5lb monster and 7 carp up to 16lb two of which were caught on my carp rod!

By  josh gyf on


By  Vic jackson on

excellent night, didnt get nothing will try again in summer

By  matt moore on

I targeted the big Perch here on my most recent visit,fishing the Carp lake in appauling weather and had possibly the best winter session of my life.Before I'd had any stripys I took six carp,the biggest an 18lb common.I then landed more than 20 Perch,including 5 over 2lb and one '3' at 3lb 4oz.An incredible days fishing.Thanks Manor Farm!!

By  Paul Parish on

Spent all day Saturday fishing Becks using small PVA bags (hemp & crushed boilies) and boile hook bait and had one line at around 2pm - resulting in my PB of a 15lb Carp an absolute beauty

By  Paul Woolveridge on

Great set of lakes especially the Becks and Carp. They have great stocks and both are easy to catch. Fished Becks 3 times now: 1st visit: Day session has 3 carp between 10-14lb 2nd visit: Overnight: 2 carp: 1=13lb 1=9lb and 1 trout on luncheon meat 3rd visit overnight had 4 carp : 2 was 14, 1 was 15 and 1 was 10. Fished the Carp lake once and caught my current PB of 21lb 6oz

By  Sam Pateman on Monday 26 Oct 2009

Fished Damsel lake for the first time on 14th oct. Very enjoyable day. Landed 3 lovely trout all about 2lb each and hooked another half dozen which all came off! Out of practice i guess. Trout were taking size 16 nymphs and buzzers. Looking forward to coming back. Very helpful staff. Cheers.

By  john young on Wednesday 21 Oct 2009

fished blunham lake 2 sundays ago, 40 minutes before i was due to pack up i pulled out a new pb 24lb mirror carp, good times!

By  lee on Tuesday 13 Oct 2009

fished fishery when it first opened and blanked so gave it a miss until this year.its matured really well and my son and i have fished a lot on becks both with good son has done his pb twice and is gaining in confidence. the carp lake is our next target for a spring campaign.most anglers are friendly and the staff are informative. keep up the good work on this fishery we enjoy fishing here

By  steve fry on Sunday 4 Oct 2009

I am about to fish either the carp lake/becks lake. Any advice e.g. the bait for the double, pegs, rigs? advice would be great thanks, Tight Lines Jack

By  Jack Holt on Tuesday 22 Sep 2009

Fished Becks on Thurs 17/09/09 and had 4 bream - ranging from 2.5lb up to 5lb and a lovely 10.5lb carp. Bait varied from bright pop ups with pva bags of hemp and crushed boilies to source boiles/pva bags of hemp. Great fishing.

By  Paul on Sunday 20 Sep 2009

Please Help! I have fished the carp lake twice now for 8 hours each and havemt caught a thing! I am using the bolt rig and i am using sweet tuna and spicy chillie boilies topped with sweetcorn! Please help! any suggestions e.g peg bait .... please great complex though! i will be back. Tight Lines Michael

By  Michael Smith on Saturday 19 Sep 2009

Had a fly fishing tuition day last year & now hooked on fluff chucking!! The tuition day is superb & great value for money. Peter Hartley made the day very imformative & very enjoyable. Want something different? Then this is it...can't wait for the 1st October!!!

By  Dave Brown on Wednesday 2 Sep 2009

Had a good day on the becks last Wednesday, started off spodding particle to the island to kick startthe swim so to speak, had nothing for around 2 hours, but I saw a few people catching numerous carp off the surface, so I used this to my advantage and changed a bottom bait (boilie) to a 4.5ft zig rig, went to grab my spod rod and mix of hemp an groundbait and the zig soon had me playing a 12lb common which looked like a ghostie, but the the session slowed with the weather being around 25+ so all I had to end the session was a 6lb hybrid. Be back soon.

By  Ross tierney on Tuesday 25 Aug 2009

i fished a 48 hour session in august i had a wicked i had 10 carp out of car lake ranging from 4 pound right up to a new pb of 18lb 3oz keep up good work luke

By  luke garner on Sunday 23 Aug 2009

Great fishery. I fished the Carp lake last Sunday and caught 3 common carp the largest being 15pounds. I also missed 2 bites so it could have been a very productive day! I'm coming back again very soon.

By  A Middleton on Thursday 20 Aug 2009

Fished the becks Monday(17th august) had nothing until the session was coming to an end I grabbed my rod a tin of particle and stalked a lovely 6lb carp on my own. Be back this Wednesday for another go.

By  Ross Tierney on Tuesday 18 Aug 2009

Hi my name Frank Penrice Visited Manor farm as a reletevly new course fisherman. After some very good advise from the chap who comes round checking tickets i decided to try the blunem lake. After a very pleasent five hours fishing I HAD COUGHT NINE CARP THE LARGEST BEEN A 14 POUND MIRROR CARP THANKYOU MANOR FARM FOR THE FREINDLY WELCOME IN THE SHOP A LOVELY DAY THE CHAP CHECKING TICKETS EVEN GAVE MY WIFE A LIFT TO THE TOILETS ON HIS GOLF TROLLEY WHICH WAS VERY THOUGTFULL FOR US PENSIONERS. WE WILL BE BACK REGULARY FROM LUTON

By  frank penrice on Monday 10 Aug 2009

Another great days fishing on the Becks Lake - caught 3 carp 7lb, 7.5lb and 9.5lb. The lake was full of carp you could see shoals of them in the water - caught the above on Source Boillies/immitation corn

By  Paul on Sunday 9 Aug 2009

Fished the lovely manor farm complex again today, i fished on the becks with my brother and dad, i was fishing for around well 2 seconds and i had my first take, and that resulted in a 6lb Common carp and then as soon as i put the rod back in the water i recieved another take and that resulted in a 8lb carp, and then another 1 and that was a 6lb, the action soon came to a disappointing low, until the end of the session where a change of rig was in order and i had another 2 carp a 9lb Common and to top it all a 10lb Common, after all this action i want to further my PB of 22lb 8oz to a 30lber so i will be back to attempt the carp lake. be back soon.

By  Ross Tierney on Thursday 6 Aug 2009

For all of you that want advice, me and my boys fish the better lakes quite a bit, catching is simple from these lakes,(carp and becks) simple hair rig with a small hook, any bait, 20 yards out ! when the lead hits the water dont pull back or anything or you'll drag it through weed, presentation is the key...i put my life on it you'll slay them :) ps. one more tip : yellow !! thats all ill say !

By  God on Tuesday 4 Aug 2009

Two of us fished the Carp Lake over the weekend of the 24th and had approx 30 fish between us, the best of which was 2 X 17lb+, 1 X 18lb+ and 2 X 20lb+ including a lovely 25lb 4oz bronze common caught over a spodded area at around 30 yards. A great weekends fishing on a super complex.

By  David Evett on Thursday 30 Jul 2009

i have fished a night on the carp lake twice now and i have yet to catch during the night, could i ahev some tip, which bait, which swims ect. thanks. Joe

By  Joe on Monday 29 Jun 2009

Fished the becks lake twice around 5 weeks ago and had 2 very productive sessions and on one of the sessions I had my first manor farm 20lb carp and that was my second 20 which was on a secret boilie along with another 15 or so carp just in one session I was extactic, on my second session after catching the 20lb mirror I had a less productive session with just 8 carp, I saw them spawning but I managed to fish in the reeds to recieve some excellent action, my advice is not to fish miles out but have 2 rods out to intercept any passing fish, I shall be back soon.

By  Ross Tierney on Saturday 27 Jun 2009

fished the carp lake last weekend caught a lovely 32lb 10oz common.beat my pb by 11 pounds.i fish here quite often its a great fishery shop is great and the staff are freindly and helpfull ...will definitly be back soon!!!!

By  wayne rainford on Thursday 18 Jun 2009

just like to say having a great year's fishing so far caught 17 double's this year including a new pb of 17lb 4oz. great fishing and helpful staff.keep up the good work

By  sam burden on Wednesday 3 Jun 2009


By  simon jeffries on Tuesday 2 Jun 2009

Second visit to manor farm, and it was as much of a disappointment as it was our first. 8 hour of fishing becks and not a bite for either of us. Tried various methods and baits as did the chap in the next swim, who didn't catch either. Even the chap who inspects the tickets commented that it had been quiet all weekend. Sorry to say that this will probably be our last visit to Manor farm, which is a shame as the venue is otherwise good with excellent facilities.

By  Malcolm & Adam on Sunday 31 May 2009

congrats with the very nice website. I will be visiting the lake very soon !

By  Kris on Sunday 31 May 2009

Fished on the becks on the 26th and had a memorable session 6 carp all good size 1x20lb mirror which was on a secret boilie all the rest were on boilie and also maize it was fantastic. Good fishery and helpful staff. Will be back this weekend hopefully.

By  Ross Tierney on Tuesday 26 May 2009

Fished on the canal yesterday it was great my friend I had some good looking carp out i had one common weighying 4lb and my friend ollie had a mirror and a common weighying both 4lb also my friend had a 2lb and a 1/2 tench we both had quite alot of roach between us aswell just cant wait to come back on wednesday for the youtch masters browning match.keep up the good work sue.

By  kavanagh on Sunday 24 May 2009

I fished Damsel lake on 21st of May. Had a great day and caught a nice 2.5lbs rainbow trout. The fishery is excellent and I would recomend it to anyone.

By  Stefan Osnowski on Thursday 21 May 2009

Made my 1st visit to manor farm this weekend.Have to say the facilities and layout of the complex are fantastic. Fished the carp lake and had two mirrors of 20lbs 4 oz and 15lbs. helpful staff and friendly place.Highly recommend this venue. Can't wait to get back!

By  Darren on Tuesday 12 May 2009

We had a Girls V Boys match on Winters lake last weekend , with some of the guys and girls off the carp Forum , Had a great time and 10 fish out over the weekend upto 27lb . Found the fish come in very close but do respond well to bait , so dont be shy putting it in , The Margins are well worth ago as nearly all the fish came out from just under your rod tips , a good fishy boilie or maggots did the job for us :-) using Chod rigs ,normal bottom rigs were getting clogged up with weed so choddies were just the thing , All the fish we had were mint condition and some of the best looking carp ive seen for a while :-) Well worth a trip even for a day session stalking. Certainly will be back for another go . Thanks again to Sue for the prizes and for having us all . Duncan

By  Wetdog on Tuesday 12 May 2009

only my 2nd visit fishing on the carp lake and after a slow start ended up with a 25lb11 mirror,18lb2 mirror &14lb9,plus 2 other common at 4lb&5lb 2, all in all i will be going back, exellent fishery.

By  leighton atkin on Tuesday 5 May 2009

Fished Winters twice this year and it has been very productive. 8lb common, 15lb common and 22lb mirror at Easter, had a 21lb common and 31lb 9oz mirror May Day weekend. My brother had a 21lb 8oz mirror too.

By  Malcolm on Tuesday 5 May 2009

fished the becks lake today and caught 2 one at 11 pound 4 oz an the other at 9 pound both caught on a scopex 10mm boilie over the top of a bed of chilli hemp seed excellent fishery might come back next sunday.

By  robert mcaneny on Monday 4 May 2009

did an overnight session on carp lake on friday 1st may it was great caught a 14lb 8 oz leather at around 5pm and then caught a 13lb common at 2 am great fishing. cant wait till next time.

By  sam burden on Monday 4 May 2009

Had an excellent day on the becks had 7 carp between me and my brother i had 2x15lb common carp, 1x9lb common carp, and then i had a final 13lb common carp, all in trememdous condition, cant wait to get back and wet my line once again.

By  Ross Tierney on Sunday 3 May 2009

had a brilliant night session on carp lake catching a 28lb 4oz common my new pb in the night and a few more in the day ranging from 16lb 7oz and 21lb 2oz lovely lake to fish on.

By  mark on Monday 20 Apr 2009

fished a 2 night session on carp lake. caught a new pb of 17 lb 4 oz common carp ,excellent.keep up the good work.sam.

By  sam burden on Sunday 12 Apr 2009

April 11th very wet day but still had a good day session on Blunham. Slow start but had 2 common carp one went to 11lb 2oz and one at just over 9lb. Fish were in excellent condition and gave a excellent fight. One fish caught on BBq pepperami and one on maize.

By  Chris Jackson on Sunday 12 Apr 2009

fishing becks lake this weekend coming,hope it dosnt rain?????????????

By  david moorhouse on Wednesday 8 Apr 2009

i fished the becks lake last saturday and i had a wonderful session with a 4 lb bream and a 7 lb carp i was amazed for my first time fishing there. hope to come back soon and fish this amazing fishery again.

By  Robert Mcaneny on Thursday 2 Apr 2009

had a good 2 night session on becks had a 12lb bream and a 24lb common at 3.30am in heavy wind and rain well worth getting wet for manor is just a nice place to go fising

By  neil brittain on Sunday 15 Mar 2009

Manor Farm is a brilliant trout fishery there are always plenty of fish and they fight extremely hard. It is a pretty,well run fishery the owners and staff are always pleasant, providing useful tips if you want any advice. Everything about the place is just nice,that's why I take out a season ticket. No, I was not paid to write this. Carry on the good work Sue.

By  Bryan Burgess on Wednesday 11 Mar 2009

how many pegs are on the carp lake,and im interested in buying a season ticket for next year, how fast do they normally sell. cheers. dom

By  dom on Sunday 8 Mar 2009

Went to manor farm yesterday, went on the blunham and caught two carp, my first winter fish, i had a 5lber and a 6lber it was great

By  Ross on Tuesday 24 Feb 2009

I have fished at manor farm for the past 2 years and it is amazing, when i caught my first carp it was 7lb from the blunham lake and was in amazing condition, so far from there i have had 4 4lbers and a 6lber and then i had an 8lber and then a 12lber in one session, then i decided to go onto the becks lake, i did a bit of marker work and found a coushty clear spot and then i fished that spot all day with my dad, and it was getting late and my dad said to me shall we pack up, so then 10 mins after he said that i had a 12lber and then a 10lber this complex is truely amazing, the bait i was using was halibut pellets and a feeder with pellets.

By  Ross on Saturday 14 Feb 2009

i fished this amazing fishery again last weekend on the becks lake for the 1st time i had 4 carp all 15lb plus and a 7lb 5 oz tench great fisher will be returning soon

By  craig newman on Tuesday 3 Feb 2009

Cant wait to get fishing on this lake. Come March time im going to be on the carp lake nearly every weekend hoping to catch a good double. Tight lines to everyone fishing the lakes.

By  David Dewar on Wednesday 28 Jan 2009

me and luke garner go fishing together both are pb's are 15lb. i cant wait to get out there to go fishing and catch loads more fish especially a twenty thanks for your help and great support keep up the good work. thanks

By  sam burden on Wednesday 14 Jan 2009

excellent fishery, fish are normaly a good size my biggest from here so for is 15 pound mirrow from carp lake. i cant wait to get on the lakes in 2009 and i hope to catch a twenty, keep up the good work. luke

By  luke garner on Monday 12 Jan 2009

i fished the match canal and cought a 291b bag of 6 carp 2-41b and the reast silver fish

By  ashley on Thursday 1 Jan 2009

i fished the match canal and cought a 291b bag of 6 carp 2-41b and the reast silver fish

By  ashley on Thursday 1 Jan 2009

fished well all day :)

By  james on Wednesday 24 Dec 2008

hello its me again just like to say on a day session on carp lake caught alot of carp on float about4-5lbs then caught a 20lb dead common carp on a 3lb 6oz hooklink with size 16 hook couldnt believe it defenitly coming back

By  joshua gyford on Monday 17 Nov 2008

1st time i fished the carp lake and within 25 mins of my day session i caught my new pb of 28lb 12 what a great day gonna be back very soon

By  cristan hince on Thursday 13 Nov 2008

My self and 2 freinds fished the becks lake for the first time oct 10 and 11 2008,Had over fifty runs between us banking 40 fish.None of the fish were much over 15lbs but alot of fun was had untill we run out of bait!Well worth a visit.

By  shaun on Friday 7 Nov 2008

ive fished here about 4-5 years ago and im not sure about the rules any more- do you have to book to fish the match or can you just turn up and fish it. also on the blunham lake can fish with a pod still and fish pellets (i know bout the bollie ban now) Lastly i was wonderin if fishin for pike here is allowed all year and not from the 1st oct PLZ REPLY

By  stephen on Tuesday 7 Oct 2008

great fishery great staff 30th aug i went fishing on becks on beach i had a 6 lb then i casted my rod out and before i had chance to put the dropper on it was off it weighed in at 15lb then straight after i landed a 14lb both my 2 biggest fish

By  sam on Sunday 5 Oct 2008

Fished the Carp Lake for 48hrs. After a slow start things started to get better. I first landed an 18 lb 4 oz common in open water on a chod rig. The action soon stopped on the open water rod as the fish followed the wind into the bay to my left. I fished big bags of pellet and Tigernut boiles into the entrance of the bay resulting in a 13 lb 4 oz, 20 lb and a 25 lb 2 oz. A nice lake could do with all the fish under 10 lbs removing to create a real specimen lake. Will be back in the future.

By  Andrew Wells on Thursday 2 Oct 2008

best fishery in the area . fishing the carp lake this saturday coming for the first time. can anyone give me some tips ? thanks.

By  ryan on Tuesday 23 Sep 2008

i was wondering which lake would be best for just starting up carp fishing but i am still an expirienced angler and how much is ticket prices for a day ticket on the blunham age 16 plz get back to me

By  craig newman on Monday 15 Sep 2008

started fishing in the summer with my son had some great days on the blunham lake 13 lb mirror being my best and my son catching a few good carp as well . great place to fish lovely venue cant wait to come back ..

By  gary on Thursday 11 Sep 2008

my first time ever fishing on the becks lake with my mate.we caught a 12 pound an 12 ounces common carp of 30 mins being there an more after to follow. any advice of what bait to use next time just send me an email. CHEERS CONNOR

By  connor on Sunday 24 Aug 2008

Excellent fishery, i fished the Match Canal on Friday 15th August, after a slow start ended up with 70lb of Carp, Tench & Bream, I fished for just over 5 hours, my biggest weight from the fishery this year, I shall return to try & go one better.

By  Steve Chadwick on Monday 18 Aug 2008

Reader Comments (4)

nice tackle

By c on Friday, November 12, 2010

fished the carp lake and had a 33lb carp on bacon pasta with rice pudding spodded over the top this is one of my oldest tricks in the book also had 16 doubles up to 28lb 3oz which steve digby help me bank thanks sue!!

By ileen dover on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a good days fishing the match cannal, i fished 3lb breaking starin line fun but noddy bashing. but i changed over lake and changed to 15lb line and banked a 26lb 4oz common carp out the carp lake when i was fishing with Ileen Dover. steven Digby-cameron help her land her 33lb and netted my wonderful 26lb 4oz. was a good days fishing thanks to steven letting me fish it for free. thanks again steve.

By sherry bakewell on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fished Boonies lake for a 48 hour session and had 16 Pike biggest 17.06 all but one on deadbaits. The other was on a sink and draw eel section to a "showing" fish. Great fishery and friendly. Note to the owner/s: Please dont use rocks in the new swims you dig out as us pikers mostly use "sticks" and i found it hard to find a swim on the far bank that i could get my rods in, including bivvy pegs. Great fishery though and will be spending a lot of time on there this winter

By Carl on Friday, September 30, 2011

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