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River Ivel

River Ivel

Running along the rear of the fishery is the River Ivel. This is a wonderful meandering stretch of the river with depths from 3-5 foot and a variety of river bed conditions and features. 

There are many overhanging trees and creases to fish to, however the banks are relatively steep so care must be taken when fishing this stretch as there are no man-made swims and suits stalking.

Species include chub to 5lb+, barbel to 15lb 5oz along with bream, roach, pike and the occassionaly eel.  Carp are present but are of an unknown quantity.

River Ivel

The River Ivel is home to many species of fish including:      
  Bream Carp Chub Perch Roach  
  Barbel Bream Carp Chub Perch Roach  
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