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The Carp Lake

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The Carp Lake was first established in 1997. The lake was stocked with a wide range of, Common, Mirror, Leather and Ghost Koi Carp. Over the years the fish have settled into the water, and started increasing in weight. The average fish is between 15lb and 20lb. We now estimate that there are between 50 and 60 fish over the 20lb barrier, and up to 5 fish over the 30lb barrier up to 35lb. However, due to fact that the lake is so healthy, the fish breed like mad, and come August time, there are plenty of smaller Carp. But most of these fish are netted out in the winter months.

The lake has one island and is approximately 4 acres in size with an average depth of around 9ft. There is a gravel bar that runs through the lake, which varies in depth from 4ft down to 12ft in places. The shallower water is along the car park swims in the main car park. The water is always very clear, as the gravel bottom does not hold in suspension for very long. This means you can see the fish. But they can also see you!

The bottom of the lake is covered in a layer of weed around 4” deep, but for the gravel bar you will have to use your marker road to find the gravel if you're not keen on fishing into the weed. However, fishing in the weed can produce some good catches, as the fish will feed for natural food. In the hotter months, floater fishing with dog biscuits is a good idea as the fish bask on the upper layers of the water. But they're not stupid so perfect presentation is needed.

TIPS: Solid PVA bags can be a devastating method on the Carp lake aswell as zig rigs when the fish are up in the water.

  30lb 3oz Keith Newton 19 May 2012
  Above: Keith Newton landed this 30lb 3oz common on the Carp Lake on 19 May 2012
The Carp Lake is stocked with:

Specimen Carp To 35lb

Smaller Carp

Night FishingNight fishing is available on the lake and we limit it to 12 anglers per night. In order the secure your place we require a 50% deposit per night. As the summer months arrive its best to book in advance to guarantee your place on the lake, as we tend to get busy.  
24lb Common Graham Tuckewell 8 May 2011  

 LEFT: 34lb common landed on the Carp Lake by Graham Tuckwell on squid and liver boilies.

Landing a fish on the Carp Lake

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