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Winters Lake

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Winters is the hardest lake at Manor Farm, but if you are prepared to work at it, this is the lake where you are most likely to catch good 30's and possibly a 40. For the more experienced carper or those up for a challenge, Winters Lake is the place to be. 

Winters Lake was established in November 2004 and has an average depth of about 9 feet with a deeper area in the north eastern corner going down to 12 feet. There is also a very shallow bay that is not permitted for fishing to attract wading birds. The lake has 3 islands as well as a good fringe of reeds around the margins plus a few clear patches in mid water. These are all good features to fish to, along with surface fishing in the warmer evenings.

This lake was initially stocked with carp reared at Manor Farm, including a 32lb common as well as many other 20's and a few in the top teens. The lake holds around fifty good sized carp, most of which are well over 20lb with many going over the 30lb mark. The 40lber is still hidden in the depths, but has not been caught yet this year. Other excellent fish include a 21lb linear and numerous other 20's. As with all of our lakes the fish are breeding, therefore it is possible to land some smaller carp. A few more unusual fish have also been stocked into Winters including two albino grass carp, a rare chance to catch such fish.

This lake is on a booking only basis with a limited number of anglers, allowing for more exclusive fishing, hence the price is slightly more than the other specimen lakes. Please book this lake in advance.


Roy Smith 29lb 4oz Albino Grass Carp

29lb 4oz Albino Grass Carp landed by Roy Smith on 28 April 2012


Winters Lake is stocked with:


Specimen Carp To 40lb 4oz Smaller Carp Perch

Night Fishing

Only 8 swims are booked on this lake, hence only 24 hour bookings are taken. Reservations need to be made for this lake throughout the week. A 50 %deposit per angler per night is required for each night booking.

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